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Kurt Vonnegut


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       This man is extremely talented, to say the least. His writing style is unmatched on any author I have read. It takes a creative, black humor approach that truly sheds some light on how he looks at life. You truly feel your getting his personality from all his works, especially Slaughterhouse-Five, and thats not something you can say about many others. Most author styles seem as though they write for what would sound good, and I truly believe from Kurt's style that idea never came up in his mind (who cares).

       I had always heard great things about Kurt Vonnegut, but it wasn't until I read some of his work that I realized his genius. Once you read one book, you will find yourself wanting more. Top 5 authors of all time in my opinion (behind Dickens and Shakespeare, and possibly Aldous Huxley).

Review posted by: Jake

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