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Mark Twain 


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       If you wanted quality entertainment from the reading of a book,you would well be advised to pick up one of Mark Twains books.Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer are both good but so are some of his lesser known works like 'Life on the Mississippi' or even the 'Prince and the pauper'.Most of these are seemingly meant for children but Twains sarcasm and irony are directed more at adults-our individual and collective behaviour,our social ills and follies.Humorists' are meant to provoke wry smiles and amusement but a lot of the times twain has you in splits with laughter.

Review posted by: vishesh

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       very good author. i like how he writes 1 story from 2 perspectives. huck finn and tom saywer.

Review posted by: wafaa 

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