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Paulo Coelho


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       Paulo Coelho merges mystique with reality, modernism with magic, drama with intrigue and presents us with utmost beautiful tales about self-discovery, magical-realism, alternate worlds, occultism and soul search.  His " The Alchemist " is one of the masterpieces in literature, his best work and ofcourse my favorite. The tale has an indescribable charm, beauty and mystique that only the reader can feel. It transports the reader to lands that Santiago( the protagonist) finds himself in throughout his adventure. Be it the fields of Spain, the markets and the oasis in the Middle East or his arrival at the Pyramids of Egypt. Coelho also speaks about "Universal Language" and other truths that we all know about but seldom realise. This tale of a shepherd boy discovering his destiny by following his dreams and omens on his way brings us hope. Coelho's other books ' Witch of Portobello', 'Brida', 'The Fifth Mountain', Veronica decides to Die' are awesome too. However 'The Zaahir' did not bring the fervour that could be expected of him and was a dull read. Hope he could do better next time.

Review posted by: Zaahir

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