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 Sylvia Plath


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       Sylvia Plath is best known as a poet, and a short story writer,  although her semi-autobiographical novel "The Bell Jar" might make that point arguable.  "The Bell Jar" is a book by and about a fragile human being in a world that does not respect that quality.  Sylvia Plath's writings are intensely personal and show great vulnerability, two more qualities that modern society not only doesn't value, but for which they are also somewhat afraid.  Sylvia wasn't afraid.  Sylvia was caught in a rocky marriage with fellow poet Ted Hughes who did nothing to help her.  But then, Ms. Plath suffered from depression and in those days ( the 1940's and 50s) that affliction was  not recognized and so not treated.  Sylvia Plath finally succeeded in commiting suicide after several attempts at age 30 in 1963.  What a loss.

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