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William Somerset Maugham


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       I am quite surprised that no one has till now attempted to write anything about Maugham here. He's definitely one of the greatest writers. his works like Of Human Bondage, Liza of Lambeth, Cakes And Ale, Razor's Edge, and Moon and Sixpence are unforgetable once you read them. His style of narration is so simple and yet he says it all in his works. The helplessness of man who falls in love with a woman with such intensity that even after her ill-treatment of him, he goes back and helps her when she's in dire need. he talks of a woman who loves so naturally everyone that making love according to her is just like expressing yourself. He gives a vivid description of the slum life of London and his use of cockney throughout Liza of Lambeth is amazing. His portrayal of the character of Charles Strickland, whom he based on Paul Gauguin is definitely amazing as he brings in his negative and positive qualities in balance.

       He has a profound insight to the human nature and his portrayal is still better. None of his characters are hero like or exceptional they are just humans and do everything the way humans do.

       He definitely is one of the best writers of the world and one of my favourites.

Review posted by: Akshay Gururani

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