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William Faulkner 


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       A great writer.  Created a universe, in which there is a strong inter-relatedness between families and community in his different novels.  He wrote books about characters that were stuck in patterns of thought and behavior, often to the point of grotesqueness.  The self destructive behavior of the characters often begs questions that lead to the main points of the novel.  Faulkners novels vary from the more simplistic and sentimental later novels, such as The Reivers, and Intruders in the Dust; to interrelated novels about evolution of a small community, such as The Mansion, the Hamlet, and the Town; to more cutting edge novels featuring avante garde stylings, such as The Sound and the Fury and Absolom, Absolom!.

       Typical of the Faulkner are shifting narrators, stream of consciousness narration, and shifting forward and back in time as the stories are told.

       Two of my favorites that give a good starting point for Faulkner's works are Light in August, and As I Lay Dying.

       Faulkner's works can be difficult to understand.  However, their complexity also makes for very fun and interesting reading.

Review posted by: David Lee 

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