Best 100 Comedians of All Time
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Best 100 Comedians

Top 100 Comedians As Voted By Our Readers

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     The Best 100 Comedians List is a new project and does not yet have enough votes to generate a complete and meaningful best 100 list. For this reason, only the top 50 comedians are currently listed.  So please cast your votes for your favorite Comedians and check back soon to see the list that our voters come up with.

    Votes for any type of comedian, from anywhere in the world, living or dead will be accepted.  If they are funny you can vote for them.

    Thanks for visiting and don't forget to cast your votes.

     For more best 100 lists visit our home page at The Best 100 Lists. To discuss this list or any of the other list please visit the Best 100 Lists Forum.

  Top 100 Comedians

       For more best 100 lists visit our home page at The Best 100 Lists. To discuss this list or any of the other list please visit the Best 100 Lists Forum.

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  1. George Carlin
  2. Richard Pryor
  3. Eddie Murphy
  4. Bill Cosby
  5. Chris Rock
  6. Jerry Seinfeld
  7. Robin Williams
  8. Steve Martin
  9. Mitch Hedberg
  10. Rodney Dangerfield
  11. Bob Hope
  12. Steven Wright
  13. Ellen Degeneres
  14. Woody Allen
  15. Ricky Gervais
  16. Jim Carrey
  17. Adam Sandler
  18. Lucille Ball
  19. Bill Hicks
  20. Bill Murray
  21. Louis CK
  22. Jim Gaffigan
  23. Lenny Bruce
  24. Dave Chappelle
  25. Lewis Black
  26. Charlie Chaplin
  27. Billy Crystal
  28. Jack Benny
  29. Milton Berle
  30. Redd Foxx
  31. Brian Regan
  32. Jon Stewart
  33. George Burns
  34. Johnny Carson
  35. David Mitchell
  36. Ron White
  37. Steven Colbert
  38. Steve Carrell
  39. Michael Mcintyre
  40. Zach Galifianfiks
  41. Jeff Foxworthy
  42. Groucho Marx
  43. Gabriel Iglesias
  44. Daniel Tosh
  45. Dara O'Briain
  46. Emo Philips
  47. John Cleese
  48. Demetri Martin
  49. Jackie Gleason
  50. Sarah Silverman

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Best 100 Comedians of all time updated 07-20-2011