Best 100 Inventions of All Time
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Best 100 Inventions

Top 100 Inventions As Voted By Our Readers

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     The Best 100 Inventions List is a brand new project and does not have enough votes yet to make a meaningful best 100 list.  For this reason, only the top 50 greatest inventinos of all time are listed. So please cast your votes for your favorite invention through out history and check back soon to see what your votes come up with.

    Votes for anything that was invented by man.  If a man or a woman thought of it, and made it work, that qualifies.  Some inventions needed other inventions in order for them to even exist.  Does that make the original invention better or the newer more complex invention better?  Lets let the voters decide the top 100 inventions in history.

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  Top 100 Inventions

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  1. The Personal Computer
  2. The Wheel
  3. The Automobile
  4. The Internet
  5. The Telephone
  6. The Air Plane
  7. The Light Bulb
  8. The Printing Press
  9. The Ability to Harness Electricity
  10. Television
  11. Radio
  12. Indoor Plumbing
  13. Medicine
  14. The Steam Engine
  15. The Refrigerator
  16. The Cell Phone
  17. Trains and Railroads
  18. The Internal Combustion Engine
  19. Air Conditioning
  20. Paper
  21. The Camera
  22. The Clock
  23. The Guitar
  24. The Gun
  25. The Microwave
  26. Plastic
  27. Gun Powder
  28. The Bicycle
  29. Eye Glasses
  30. Video Games
  31. The Boat
  32. The Microchip
  33. Satellites
  34. CDs
  35. Toilet Paper
  36. Sliced Bread
  37. Music
  38. Lock and Key
  39. The Telescope
  40. The Phonograph
  41. The Transistor
  42. The Zipper
  43. Farming
  44. Velcro
  45. The Microscope
  46. The Compass
  47. The Windmill
  48. Glass
  49. Concrete
  50. Mulitvitamin


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Top 100 Inventions

We want to hear from you!  What do you think of any of the inventions on the list.  Please leave your comments as to what you think of each invention.

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Best 100 Inventions of All Time updated 4-3-2011