Best 100 Movie Directors of All Time
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Best 100 Movie Directors

Top 100 Movie Directors As Voted By Our Readers

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        The Best 100 Movie Directors List is a brand new project and does not have enough votes yet to make a full best 100 list.  Only the top 50 film directors are currently posted for this reason.  So please cast your votes for your favorite Movie Directors and check back soon to see the list that our voters come up with.

       Votes for Directors from any country and era as well as any genre of film qualify. If he or she has directed a film than they will qualify for this list.

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  Top 100 Movie Directors

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  1. Martin Scorsese
  2. Steven Spielberg
  3. Alfred Hitchcock
  4. Francis Ford Coppola
  5. Stanley Kubrick
  6. Quentin Tarantino
  7. Christopher Nolan
  8. Clint Eastwood
  9. James Cameron
  10. Peter Jackson
  11. Akira Kurosawa
  12. Woody Allen
  13. Orson Welles
  14. Ridley Scott
  15. David Fincher
  16. Sergio Leone
  17. The Coen Brothers
  18. Federico Fellini
  19. John Ford
  20. Billy Wilder
  21. George Lucas
  22. Tim Burton
  23. Ingmar Bergman
  24. Charles Chaplin
  25. David Lynch
  26. Roman Polanski
  27. David Lean
  28. Oliver Stone
  29. Frank Capra
  30. Ron Howard
  31. Robert Zemeckis
  32. Hayao Miyazaki
  33. Andrei Tarkovsky
  34. Steven Soderbergh
  35. Terrence Malick
  36. Fritz Lang
  37. Sofia Coppola
  38. John Huston
  39. Sam Raimi
  40. John Hughes
  41. Francois Truffaut
  42. Wes Anderson
  43. Vittoria De Sica
  44. Spike Lee
  45. Frank Darabont
  46. Michael Bay
  47. Brian De Palma
  48. Mel Brooks
  49. Guillermo del Toro
  50. Michelangelo Antonioni

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Top 100 Movie Directors

Please also spend a minute and post a review of any of the movie directors currently on the top 100 movie directors list.

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Best 100 Movie Directors updated 01-11-2011