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A Beautiful Mind

A Beautiful Mind directed by Ron Howard(2001) 


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       Certainly a fine showcase for the talents of Russell Crowe, A Beautiful Mind gave us a glimpse into a brain far superior in some ways than 99.9% of us.  It also made plain that brains aren't everything.  The movie is based on the life of the brilliant Nobel prize winner in economics, John Nash.  The film apparently takes some departures from the life of John Nash, but to most of the movie going public, that criticism is irrelevant.  John Nash paid for his mathematical genius with his sanity.  He was diagnosed early in his life wit paranoid schizophrenia, which he fought with and without medication for the rest of his life.  His mental state was a huge burden for his wife and all those who loved him to bear.  The movie was as much about the effects of his personality on himself and others as it was on his amazing accomplishments.  A Beautiful Mind is a fascinating study of an individual, his successes and the effect one's mental state can have on others.

A Beautiful Mind directed by Ron Howard was reviewed by Princess 

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