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Alien directed by Ridley Scott(1979) 


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       Alien, by Ridly Scott takes you on a terrifying adventure aboard to sulaco, a deep space mining ship that has been invaded by an unknown monster. the movis starts out when the ships computer, Mother, awakens the crew from hypersleep to investigate a strange distress signal sent from a nearby planet (LV426) apon arival, the crew makes a startling discovery, a giant ship has crash landed and inside they find the mummified corpse of an alien pilot. apon further investigation of the ship the crew makes another startling discovery, hundreds of leathery alien eggs in the bottom of the ship. one crew member, Kane, decides to take a closer look. when suddenly, one of the eggs opens and a creature leaps out and attaches to his face, causing him to fall unconcious. later that day, back aboard the suloco, Kane awakens and the crew decides to have one more meal before reentering hypersleep. during the meal, Kane appears to choke on his food, and as the other crew members attempt to save him, an alien bursts out of his chest, killing him instantly. the creature then runs away into the air vents before anyone has time to kill it. during the next few hours, this creature starts killing off the crew of 7 one by one until one survivor is left. Sigourny Weaver's charecter Ellen Riply is the main protagonist who is the the only survivor of the whole story. the movie was released in 1979. the special effects are amazing and the sheer terror of the alien is just amazing as well. i highly recomend watching this, and all of the other alien trilogy movies on just the basis of the alien and the countless screams that will come out of your mouth from watching them. this movie, in my opinion is one of the best of all time.

Review by: pga7227

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