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Amadeus directed by Milos Forman(1984) 


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       Terrible film!  Plagued by historical inaccuracies and misinformation.  The life of Mozart would have made a great film.  Its too bad they decided to make this piece of crap instead..

Amadeus directed by Milos Forman was reviewed by Tyrus

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       Amadeus had a magnicifent cast of unknowns with the exception of  F. Murray Abraham who played Salieri, a musician extremely jealous of Mozart's musical talents  Tim Hulce, who played Mozart, became known after his brilliant performance in this movie.  The movie brought out Mozart's quirkiness, insanity actually.  The story of Amadeus is told by Salieri in retrospect as Mozart is in an insane asylum at this point.   He was ultimately released from the asylum.  Mozart's outrageous outbursts are almost as scintillating as his talent.  Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart earned this wonderful movie about his life with his talent that gave the world the most beautiful music every composed   Mozart left us at the early age of 35, probably succombing to rheumatic fever.

Amadeus directed by Milos Forman was reviewed by Princess

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