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Citizen Kane

 Citizen Kane directed by Orson Welles(1941) 


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       It's the attention to the details that make this film stand out so much. The set and art decorations in this movie are extremely meticulously matched.
Then there are the makeup effects, done to make Charles Foster Kane look twenty in one scene and sixty later in the film. Then there's the way Welles draws out a lot of the more mundane scenes to emphasize their vastness, such as the scenes with Kane's wife playing with the puzzles toward the end. As for the newsreel in the beginning, it has two purposes: first of all, it was a clever way to give exposition. Second of all, it was meant to show Kane's life through the eyes of the general public before the film delved into the ways the people close to him knew him.

       Citizen Kane is perhaps the most intricately designed film of all time. There's nothing about Citizen Kane that doesn't have a purpose.  I especially loved the cinematography in this movie. I would say that this is the most brilliant camerawork in film history. It made the film constantly exciting and always added that extra layer to the movie.

       I also have to point out that nothing in this film is just artsy for art's sake. Everything here is done purely for the sake of the storytelling rather than anything else.

       Now, Orson Welles's performance is absolutely fantastic. This is his labor of love and it certainly is really, truly one of the finest films ever made. Before I saw Citizen Kane, I had a very defined image in my head of what I would think the finest movie ever made would look like. Citizen Kane was a very definite embodiment of this image.

       The character study aspect of the movie is the greatest part in my opinion. No other character in cinema history has been given such complexity and this is why this is one of the greatest stories put on film.

       Some people get tied up in this notion that Citizen Kane is the greatest film ever made before they see it and that immediately skews their viewing of the film. Please, please, please drop this idea before seeing this movie, my dear readers. That won't add a damn thing to your pleasure of the movie. Drop this fact and just enjoy the film and this intense character study.

Citizen Kane directed by Orson Welles was reviewed by Forrest

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       This movie was really not that great. Very dry. IF you are a big fan of newspaper tycoon William Randolph Hearst then see this movie. I only say this because Charles Foster Kane (citizen Kane) was based on William Randolph Hearst. But other then that if you say this is the greatest movie of all time then i simply disagree quite fervently.

Citizen Kane directed by Orson Welles was reviewed by Nameless

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       Citizien Kane is definetely among the top 5 greatest films of all time. the story line is unforgetable, and portrays a vivid picture of what life is like when you grow up. Orson Welles was 25 when he directed and starred in the dazzling motion picture but he had the knack of a brilliant veteran.

Citizen Kane directed by Orson Welles was reviewed by Derrick Park

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