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Gone with the Wind

Gone with the Wind directed by Victor Fleming(1939) 


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       There is really not too much too add to any discussion about "Gone With the Wind."  It may be the most watched movie and the most read about as to its background of casting, general dissidence among the troops, etc of all time.  It is a splendid epic of the effects of the American Civil War on Atlanta in particular.  Margaret Mitchell's headstrong heroine, Scarlett O'Hara is an exhilarating character that will never lose her luster.  "Gone With the Wind"  gave us a glimpse into southern plantation life in the mid 1800's that gave us greater understanding of the life the southerners were fighting for.  Most of us would agree that plantation life was way too dependent upon the subjugation of others, but still it helped us post-segregationist, civil rights activists and ACLU supporters a hint as to how the southern plantation owners felt about their lifestyle - and it was a lifestyle issue, not just an economic issue.

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