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Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park directed by Steven Spielberg(1993) 


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       As I write this, Twilight outranks Jurassic Park by 7 spots. . . . HOW?! Even Twilight's music, about the best part of that movie, pales in comparison to John Williams' brilliant score. Vampires or dinosaurs? The choice is obvious.

Jurassic Park directed by Steven Speilberg was reviewed by Chic Valliere

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       Jurassic Park should have been laughable, but thanks to the writing by Michael Crichton and the direction by Steven Spielberg, the movie came out realistic and very suspenseful.  Dinosaurs running around with modern day scientists, how realistic can that be?  Well, if you haven't seen it, you must.  It will scare the hell out of you while providing you with excellent entertainment.  There were a couple of sequels one written by Crichton and directed bv Speilberg, and one without, with another one in the works also without the dynamic duo.  Without them, the concept flops.

Jurassic Park directed by Steven Speilberg was reviewed by Princess

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