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Taxi Driver

Taxi Driver directed by Martin Scorsese(1976) 


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       Taxi Driver is a classic for it's vengeful, cab driving hero and the teenage prostitute that set him off.  It didn't hurt the movie any that the cabbie was played by Robert DeNiro and the baby pro by Jodie Foster.  What a pair!  Add to this direction by Martin Scorsese and you are pretty much assured of a hit.  Not your usual hit movie though.  It is dark and  provocative with a violent undertone due to the unstable nature of the cabbie who is a returning Vietnam Vet with insomnia and feelings that he is unable to control.  Today we might call it PTSD, but that behavioral disorder was not diagnosed at the time.  The movie stood on its own, but when John Hinckley, Jr used his viewing of Taxi Driver as a defense for the attempted assassination of Ronald Reagan, then president of the US, even more audiences were drawn to it.  Jodie Foster was probably all of 12 years old when she played the little ho.  What a talent she was and is.

Taxi Driver directed by Martin Scorsese was reviewed by Mon Col

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