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The Graduate

The Graduate directed by Mike Nichols(1967) 


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       "The Graduate," while certainly comedy, had way more than that going for it.  It poked fun at the social mores tthe day -  like your life is all about getting rich and nice girl's don't do "it" outside of marriage.  Also, you should let your parents influence whom you marry and if you are a woman, he better be rich.  Some great Simon and Garfunkle tunes came out of this movie, notiably "Scarborough Fair." and "Mrs. Robinson."  Mrs Robinson was the horny mother of the bride who seduced the man she did not want her daughter to marry.  All goes well for the two young lovers in the end.  The bride ditches the parent-approved groom at the altar and takes off with the man she loves, bridal gown and all - in a bus.

The Graduate directed by Mike Nichols was reviewed by Fifi

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