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Titanic directed by James Cameron(1997)


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       Hmm. I both agree and disagree with Andrew. Titanic was beautifully crafted and J. Cameron was amazing in his aspect of the movie..this i agree on. I do, however, disagree with his opinion on Kates character. True she was a woman of upper class, but she was drowning emotionally of the upperclass standards. The high expectation of both her mother and her fiance were weighing her down...anyone with a brain could have seen that. Then a man of lower class came along and saw her. HER. Not the expectation of her, and didnt care about class at all. With him, she went from not being able to breathe to getting to live a life she always wanted. In other words, class..or money, doesnt matter in the long run. Maybe, instead of reviewing something that you obviously didn't pay any attention to, Andrew, you should watch it. As for everyone else the movie was bigger than words by any standard, and was truely incredible. I STRONGLY recommend. 

Titanic directed by James Cameron was reviewed by Laci

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       The Movie "Titanic" is beautifully directed by James Cameron. The special effects are, without argument, of the highest quality. Unfortunately, there is little else of substance to be found in this work. The screenplay is unremarkable, I would say poorly, written, the dialogue is paper thin, and the soundtrack is unremarkable mush. As a result, two incredibly talented actors (Leonardo DeCaprio and Kate Winslet) are forced to perform characters who seem flighty and illogical. If you desperately want to believe that a woman can supercede her preconceptions about the lower class, become acquainted with someone in that class, and then form a relationship of the deepest magnitude with that person in a matter of days, by all means this pile of romantic jibberish may be for you; however, if you want films to be of substance, to take brave risks, or to at least be made of more than a flashy boat and superficial human interaction, watch something else. 

Titanic directed by James Cameron was reviewed by Andrew

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       Titanic is an absolutely amazing film, great performances are delivered by the beautifuol Leonrado Dicaprio and Kate winslet!  The film is amazing and i love it.  James Cameron is great. 

Titanic directed by James Cameron was reviewed by Ella

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       My second favorite movie in the WORLD!  It a great love story and i mean come on look at leonardo dicaprio! I think everyone has seen this movie just watch it again. 

Titanic directed by James Cameron was reviewed by Jess

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