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Twilight directed by Catherine Hardwicke(2008) 


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       the vary fact that this movie is on this list proves that people have no good tast in films these days.

Twilight by Catherine Hardwicke was reviewed by P.J.

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       Does not belong in the company of Shawshank Redemption, Resevoir Dogs and Raiders of the Lost Ark. Get this garbage outta here.

Twilight by Catherine Hardwicke was reviewed by Jim

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       Let me begin just by saying that I hated this movie. And I do mean I *hated* this movie. Why? Was it really that bad? Cinematically, it was subpar at best. It barely reaches the mediocre level. As a fantasy movie, romance movie, vampire movie, and/or action movie, it's just about as bad as it gets. It tries and epically fails to be all of these at once.

       Our main characters cannot properly display emotion. And there is less chemistry and acting ability here between these two "lovers" than between Anakin and Padme from Star Wars. (Also, at least George Lucas attempted meaningful dialogue between them, unlike here.) Where is the romance here? Where's the romantic chase?

       The special effects in this movie are among the worst I've ever seen. Many times, it is painfully obvious that they just sped up the film. Just because you *can* use CGI doesn't mean you always should!

       The dialogue is cheesy and stilted at best. There is absolutely *no* character development. Plus, there are characters in this movie that don't even have a purpose (such as Bella's father and friends).

       I'd like to say that they did, at least, try to put some effort into this movie, but I really don't think they did. I think the film makers in this case just thought that they could just throw in a good looking guy in pale make up, give the characters the names from the books, and throw in a couple plot points and they'd be able to sell this miserable excuse of a movie to every Twilight pre-teen girl fanatic in the country. Of course, it worked.

Twilight by Catherine Hardwicke was reviewed by Forrest

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       You know what? i've never been this disappointed in my life. A movie that i would personally like to include in the worst 100 movie titles has been included here in the best 100. There is no any thing that makes it good. From the start to the end you will be completely bored by this movie.Twilight is the movie which has everything poor- acting, direction, script, screenplay, etc. except for a good music. That was a thing that kept me from breaking the television screens. The starcast including Kristen Stewart and Robert Patterson have no chemistry at all. They seem to be forcefully kept in the movie. So i would love to announce it one of the most overrated movies in the world.

Twilight by Catherine Hardwicke was reviewed by bikesh

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       Why did you put this poorly acted movie among the greatest movies of all time? My girlfriend wanted to see it so I went with her and even she said it was terrible. i wish i could take back the time the that wretched movie stole from me.

Twilight by Catherine Hardwicke was reviewed by Mario

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