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A Prayer for Owen Meany

by John Irving

Review of A Prayer for Owen Meany by John Irving

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         There's a very good reason this book is on the list of the top 100 novels -- it deserves to be.  The reviewer who calls it drivel after quitting at page 100 should take the time to read the entire book before writing it off.  I found the first 100 pages fascinating, as well as everything that came after.   I have cited this book to others as a perfect example of a story building to a conclusion.  Beyond the sheer pleasure of reading the artful creation of a master, the end of the book is manifestly satisfying as the reader fully grasps all of the fibers of the story leading directly to what is a perfectly conceived and constructed climax.

A Prayer for Owen Meany by John Irving was reviewed by Tim Martin

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         I was at a baby shower recently and my dear friend, who is about to give birth, said if her child was a boy she was going to name it Owen. About four people (all women) said their favorite book was "A Prayer for Owen Meany."

         Which is what encouraged me to pick up this ridiculous piece of drivel.

         The book is set in my home state of New Hampshire, which sort of made me interested to read it. The narrator has a single mom and a fusty old New England grandmother (boy, there's an original concept), and is best friends with a stunted little classmate named Owen Meany. Owen has a problem with is vocal chords, too, which is why "EVERY WORD HE SAYS IS WRITTEN IN CAPITAL LETTERS."

         I absolutely had to force myself to read the first 100 pages of the book. That's when the narrator became a mouthpiece for author John Irving's political views. I hated this, but at the same time also loved it - because it gave me an excuse to put this boring, quaint, cliche-ridden piece of garbage into the very trashcan where it belongs.

A Prayer for Owen Meany by John Irving was reviewed by RHansen


       This is a fabulous book.  The characters are unique, as is the plot.

A Prayer for Owen Meany by John Irving was reviewed by Bec


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