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by Toni Morrison

Review of Beloved by Toni Morrison

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        If anyone will wish to find a novel with an incomparable measure of eliteness of humanic merit, of life, of death, of memory , of motherhood, and of recovery from the terrifying casualties of slavery, I should say that nothing beats Beloved by Toni Morrison. Set in Cincinnati, Ohio, the story of a mother/ escaped slave named Sethe and her desperate love for her daughter that ended up in the morbidity of killing her just to protect her from the pernicious slavery, seems to fit as the best American novel published for the past 25 years.

       Indeed, as evidenced with its 1988 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction, this story just levitates the human life and morality to a lesson that nithing would be more magnificent than the power of love.

Beloved by Toni Morrison was reviewed by Noirtrine Seth Vecylik


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