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David Copperfield

by Charles Dickens

Review of David Copperfield by Charles Dickens 

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       This is, in my opinion, Dickens' best novel. Although I have only read a few of his works (Tale of two cities and Great Expectations) I strongly believe it would be hard to top. It is a long book of 700+ pages but Dickens is able to keep the readers attention very well which results in giving the reader the impression of a smaller book.

       The book is a bit predictable at times but there are so many subplots and characters, theres no reason to be disappointed, from a lack of surprises, throughout the novel. Don't get me wrong, there are twists you could not foreshadow, but the book has been prone to criticism do to the predictability of it. You obviously know David is going to end up in the better of situations but how he gets there is what makes the book. His exposure to good and evil is evident throughout his journey.

       There are so many motifs to be found from this book which give you incite into Dickens' life that will surely make you think. The author, like the genius he is, does a great job demonstrating this motifs throughout the book. I trully found this to be a great book for anyone, not scared by the length, interested in reading a great story about a kid's rise from the bottom to a place of happiness (those Murdstones are offspring of Satan). David really goes through it all in this book and you will be presently surprised with the result. Highly recommended: 9.5/10 (ill save that 10/10 for a rainy day). Top 3 books I've ever read.

David Copperfield by Charles Dickens was reviewed by Jake

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       I love Charles Dickens writting , but this is my absolute favorite. It is touching , enthralling and is definetly a masterpiece. I am an avid reader and this is by far my favorite novel ever written.

David Copperfield by Charles Dickens was reviewed by anonymous

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       To me this is Dicken's best novel.  As in all of his writings there are characters that are simply unforgettable such as Betsy Trotwood, Mr Micawber, and Uriah Heep.  There is also his usual blend of plot twists and as in real life, every story line doesn't end up as a happily ever after (though most do here!).  If is the life story of the protaganist David Copperfield - a boy who starts life with no advantages and through luck, pluck, and the charity of others not only perseveres, but eventually thrives.  If you enjoy reading this its' a great book to keep you enthralled for hours.  Because of some of the outdated nomenclature I recommend getting one of these books that is annotated to explain some of the more outdated terms to the reader.

David Copperfield by Charles Dickens was reviewed by Bill J.

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       One of the best books ever written, especially because the story is beautiful and touchy, but no where did this touchiness get wierd - The typical genius of Charles when it comes to a story like this.

David Copperfield by Charles Dickens was reviewed by Anonymous


       This is a story of David Copperfield, a boy who loses his dad even before his birth. his mom then marries a Mr. Murdstone, who then sends him off to a boarding school in London.  We then get to follow young David's transition from a child of 10 years up and into the end of the book.  His mother dies, he ends up falling in love more times than we can count, from little emily, dora to the irresistable agnes, upon whose words david finds enlightment.  Another of the rather spectacular characters is Ms. Trotwood, David's aunt, and her imaginary neice Betsey Trotwood.  The story is composed  of the young David, who being acepted by his aunt as an adopted son, tries to begin life anew, after running away from his job at the age of 12.  He then meets up with agnes, the 'sister of his childhood' and his old school friend and idol steerforth.  After that, graduating from college and choosing a proffesion, he soon falls in love with his boss's daughter, Dora, and ends up marrying her after her father's death.  The rest of the story is left for you to read.

       This story is that should be read by people who enjoy intresting, happy, and full of affection climaxes.  It is a story in which a typical life of a young, inexperienced boy is turned into a determined, fully grown man.  A story that I recommend anyone to read if he wants a good, excellent read.  A rating of 9.5 out of 10 from me.

David Copperfield by Charles Dickens was reviewed by Talha Ubaidullah


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