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by Frank Herbert

Review of Dune by Frank Herbert

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       Dune redefined, for me, what a future history could be.  I had never read something with such a richly-imagined history, and I'd be hard-pressed to think of another novel I've read since that gave me the feeling of looking into an entire universe. Its deep history served as a brilliant backdrop to a fantastic story.

Dune by Frank Herbert was reviewed by Bork McGork

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       My favourite novel ever I'd say.  Although the sequels and the movie adaptions are quite poor in comparison, this story just sticks with me.  Such an imaginative story and the landscape that the novel is based in, Dune itself, is just so well described and imagined.

Dune by Frank Herbert was reviewed by Greg

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       It's the first time in my life i write something on a forum or whatever this is. and i'm only dping it now, because dune is certainly the book i love the most. maby it's not the best from a literary point of view, but i an only say that i read it four times in eight years.

Dune by Frank Herbert was reviewed by monoelemento

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       Dune is not one of the best science fiction books I've read.  It's one of the best books I've read without qualification.  Dune is one of the very few books I have been able to read a second time.  I enjoyed it every bit as much as the first time I read it.

       The depth and richness of Herbert's future universe is just amazing.  The great mix of futuristic and primitive isn't just in the machines, it's in the genes of the characters.  I love the depth and mix of technology, genetics, politics, mysticism, economics and more that make the strange world believable.

       I also liked the first sequel Dune Messiah, but each subsequent book in the series become more and more challenging to read.

Dune by Frank Herbert was reviewed by papis V

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       brian herbert's books have a diferent style, every writer has his own, maybe they have less psycology and distant clues but still they have greatest sense of nobility.

Dune by Frank Herbert was reviewed by papis dov

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       Dune is a sweeping epic, an amazing and wonderful glimpse into another unverse which (thanks to the author's keen vision) is wonderfully believeable.  I have read this book many, many times, and I always find something new in it.  It changed my life when I read it the first time.

       The various sequels aren't anywhere near as masterful - especially the prequels written by Herbert's son.  The only one worth bothering with is the fourth book, God Emperor of Dune.  I recommend it as well.

Dune by Frank Herbert was reviewed by Josh S

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       Dune is the kind of book that will change your perception of the world.

Dune by Frank Herbert was reviewed by David

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       I've read Dune probably 4 or 5 times over the years. Simply put its one of the best books I've ever read. Two different movies were made but they were pretty bad. Some books just cannot be made into movies and this is one of them.

Dune by Frank Herbert was reviewed by Doug

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       Dune it absolutely the best science fiction novel that i have ever read, I couldnt recomend this book enough it thats what your into.

Dune by Frank Herbert was reviewed by Dantheman


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