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Gravity's Rainbow

by Thomas Pynchon

Review of Gravity's Rainbow by Thomas Pynchon

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        What a great book! Probably the best book since the post World War 2 Era (1945- 1991) Yes its a complex novel complete with many references to various scientific, philosophical and mathematical and technological concepts and subjects. Also you will encounter many awful puns and joyous songs to lighten the intellectual overload you may experience.However despite the complexity of this book which is slightly overrated I can say that the plot is very exciting. It is basically about Tyrone Slothrop a agent who becomes immersed in a conspiracy when its found that his erections coincide directly with missle blast. That is the ultimate paranoiac situatuion I mean imagine everytime that you got a erection you would have to fear whether a rocket would come down and decimate everything including you, you would be a paranoid person indeed and thus paranoia is a major theme in this book. Pynchon also beautifully gives tarot readings of the rocket which gives the rocket a kind of religious significance in a mystical sense. Definetly the Rockets Bible.

Gravity's Rainbow by Thomas Pynchon was reviewed by Wan Quixote

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        Hard work? Yes. Confusing? Yes. Mind blowing? Yes. Scary? Yes. Sexy? Yes. Funny? Yes. Long? Yes. Worth perservering with as it will change you view on how literature can be written? Yes, yes and yes.

Gravity's Rainbow by Thomas Pynchon was reviewed by Oberst

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        An endlessly rewarding book. It's very difficult, from the rambling, obscure prose, to the plot so complicated that it really doesn't count as a plot in a typical sense, but once you get used to Pynchon's style it's a blast, though getting used to it might take you the whole seven hundred something pages. I haven't reread it yet but I started it again a few months after I finished it and it was magically much more comprehensible and quite fun to read. Pynchon is probably the smartest writer alive, and while some would throw around the word "pretentious" in discussing a big, incomprehensible novel like this, Pynchon really doesn't take himself that seriously. He throws in plenty of intentionally stupid songs, bad puns, exuberantly obscene sex acts, and hilariously bizarre ideas. What one gets from Gravity's Rainbow is something much more vague and yet more powerful than many conventional, easy novels.

Gravity's Rainbow by Thomas Pynchon was reviewed by sl_thr_p


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