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Great Expectations

by Charles Dickens

Review of Great Expectations by Charles Dickens

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       The best of the Dickens novels! I felt as though he put his best effort into the construction of this book (believe me, he is no slouch in his other books, but this one, as you would be able to notice if you read some of his biography, was an attempt at something different). But this story had an excellent main character in Pip who was entangled in a host of other very interest, eccentric characters. I kept envisioning myself in the story, as though I was right there. Not many books can do that. Although many readers might have some difficulties with this book, you will be able to see the symbolism he uses on a regular basis. In addition, he again shows his extraordinary skills in description. A must read! A top 10 of all time.

Great Expectations by Charles Dickens wa reviewed by Jake

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       This book is considered dickens' masterpiece by critics even though david copperfield is more popular.A meaningful story,haunting settings and eccentric characters combine with dickens' unmatchable prose to give a true classic.I read an abridged edition of this book as a  teenager and at that time even found that haunting.Only on reading the unabridged version though can one get the true pleasure out of the novel because the main ingredient of dickens work was his prose.This novel depicts the journey of pip from innocence as a child to a young man corrupted morally  by  the desire to be accepted and finally back to wisdom and repentance.This is an enlightening theme because a lot of us go through the experiences that pip goes through-humiliation,rejection,dreams and plans that never materialize-but find that chasing dreams of the high life and even attaining them cannot bring happiness.

Great Expectations by Charles Dickens wa reviewed by vishesh

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       I was required to read this book in High School for a report. While it is definitely not an "easy read" in is still very enteresting. It is filled with "real" people who sometimes can be horrible and the struggles of a boy growing up and trying to make a path for himself while surrounded by problems.

Great Expectations by Charles Dickens wa reviewed by BookLoverfromCP.


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