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Heart of Darkness

by Joseph Conrad

Review of Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad

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       Book 3 of 50 on the 30 before 30 list, and this was one that I was dreading...  I read this book as part of my Higher English course when I was 16, and really did not enjoy it the first time round.  Surprisingly though, this time I found it much more enjoyable - I would go as far as to say that I actually like it now!  The themes are complex and slightly disturbing, but well developed, very much like the character of Kurtz.  A very quick read as it is a very short book, it is one that I would suggest people return to, even if they did not like it the first time.  Almost ten years on from when I first encountered it and would have awarded a score of 0 out of 10, I can now return with a new found love for this story and award it a 7 out of 10.

Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad was reviewed by 30before30

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       I really didn't like this at all.  Apocalypse Now is my all-time favorite movie, so I went into this book with high expectations.  It's not because it was so different; I expected that.  It was far too short, and it was very boring.  It took me three days to read it, and it's one of the shortest books I've ever read.  Just the whole plot and characters were boring throughout.  I can't remember a second of it that I really enjoyed.  Of all the clasics that I've read, this is definitely the worst.

Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad was reviewed by Count Orad

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       I didn't enjoy the physical act of reading this book, but I did enjoy the themes. Really, I finished it on a plane and I spent the next hour just looking out the window and thinking about what I had just read. Cleverly written and thought-provoking.

Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad was reviewed by yay!

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       This book was the focus of my year 12 major in English Studies so I might be a little biased with my review. Yet although I found the book immensely challenging to analyse and at time laborious to read, I could not help but marvel at the author's masterful grasp of the English language. Never have I read a book with such rich imagery and symbolism. To me the character of Kurtz made the novel top-100 worthy. Some 110 years on and Kurtz's emodiment of the "hollowness" of mankind continues to provide a haunting reminder of the fallibility in all of us.

Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad was reviewed by Patrick

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       Wow I don't think much of this book. I would't say I hated it, but I sure wouldn't say it was good either. This book could not keep my attention and in no way was this book memorable. Wow not a top 100 book for me.

Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad was reviewed by Shannon

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       I think this book was terrible. I can follow the story well but other than that its too difficult to understand. This book is too detailed making the reader confused as I was. If Joseph Conrad didn't put so much detail, then this book would have been a decent short story. Overall I think this book is a 2/10.

Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad was reviewed by M T

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       Perhaps not for the reader who still struggles to see through a story's layers or appreciate  nuances and structure and phrasing (all those nerdy things).  Heart of Darkness is a laborious read and at a glance may not seem to have enough going on, but on a symbolic level--the "immense snake uncoiled," the disturbing nihilism--the story is awesome.

Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad was reviewed by Anonymous

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       I loved this book from start to finish. But I have never read anything by Conrad that didn't please. I'm quite surprised, in fact, that Nostromo isn't on this list as well.

       As for being boring, I don't see how it can be. After all, it was good enough to inspire Apocolypse Now, upon which it was based!  Still, if the critics of it here aren't into literary novels and prefer all-action, shoot-em-up thrillers, then one can't be too surprised that they just don't get it and will react adversely accordingly.

Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad was reviewed by Paul B.

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       Well, it seems the other commenters didn't really enjoy this book. Personally, I think it's great. One must admit it is a bit tough to read, especially in a foreign language, however it is so wonderfully written, with such an elegant structure of the phrases and of the expression, that I find it a joy to read if only for the elegance of the language.

       It is also criticized for being racist; one must however keep in mind that it was written more than a century ago, whan the whole mentality regarding race tolerance was significantly different. In order to fully enjoy the book one must try to understand the emphasize with the character despite his faulty viewpoints, by modern standards. One should not deny the book its worth, even if one does not agree with all its premises.

       Joseph Conrad is my favourite English author, and I consider this book fascinating, being able to achieve in little over 100 pages a story of profound elegance and social observation.

Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad was reviewed by Radu Megelea

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       I didn't like this book at all. I've read alot about it and how great it was but trust me is really wasn't. The books only about 100 pages and it really feels much longer. The story wasn't so bad but the writing itself was boring and hard to follow and i don't care for the way the author treated the Africans. There wasn't one African in the story that had any positive or even human qualities. I plan on reading Lord Jim also by Joesph Conrad cause again I read great things about the book but i am tentative on account of the way this book was written. How is this book higher on this list than I, Claudius? I would give this one a 3 out 10.

Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad was reviewed by Frank Manner


        This book is a very tough read.  It was a required reading in class but the teacher had never even read the book herself.  After she did, she said she was very sorry because the book was boring and very hard to follow and that we had to read it because she had put  it on the curriculum.  We all tried to suffer through it, but eventually the teacher just let us watch Apocalypse Now.  This book just  feels a bit too dated for this day and age.

Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad was reviewed by Dakota


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