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His Dark Materials

by Phillip Pullman

Review of His Dark Materials by Phillip Pullman

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       Despite the lack of depth in the movie, titled 'The Golden Compass', there is no doubt that this series comprising of the three books:

1) Northern Lights
2) The Subtle Knife
3) The Amber Spyglass

has a captivating plot as Phillip Pullman engages us with his mesmerising creation. The series follows the journey of a girl named Lyra from a 'parallel' world. In the second book she allies with a boy from our world, named Will, and together they depart on an elusive journey with twists and turns at every corner and the last book may bring about tears. A piece of advice- pleeeeease don't watch or rely on the movie if you have already watched it as it lacks detail, explaining and contains a plot as altered as my review. (Jokes-LOL).

His Dark Materials by Phillip Pullman was reviewed by Paki Princess (14 yrs)

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       The world in these books was so well created and imaginative, the story line and the manner in which it moves along is brilliant. You will be sucked in to the world by the young Lyra and see and feel everything from her eyes (and Wills and maybe poor Rogers also).

       There is so much depth in these books, no matter what age you are these books are fantastic. Definetely one of my favourite series of books for all time, i will be old and still loving them.
Its one of those books you can feel the emotions from while at the same time being excited to read on and stay within the world for longer and see what happens.

His Dark Materials by Phillip Pullman was reviewed by cantletgo

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       DO NOT SEE THE FILM! If you have based your assumptions about this magnificent series on the appallingly shallow and poor film, read the books and then form a more educated opinion. They have a brilliant and engaging story which can be enjoyed by children and adults alike and for those looking fo something more, it has a much deeper subtext, raising questions about the nature of love, friendship, family and religion. This is and always will be one of my favourite books.

His Dark Materials by Phillip Pullman was reviewed by jaawol

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       extremely captivating and fascinating...a master piece triology that i could simply not put down. It was like a really good and intense dream that one can remember every vivid detail feel all the emotions and magic and you don't want to wake up from... I will love this story even when my bones are brittle and I am ancient...

His Dark Materials by Phillip Pullman was reviewed by F. Roberts

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       Although they are largely thought of as teenage-targeted books, they are books, which I have read again and again, and have fell madly in love with. The story, focussing mainly on the characters of Lyra and Will, is just sensational, with so many controversial and deep themes and imagery that every time you read it you gain a new understanding. One of the main themes is a sort of cry out against religion, which is something that greatly appealed to me. It shows the Church as a controlling force, hell bent on keeping its followers ignorant and keeping them happy with false promises of Heaven, when in reality all there is, is a Land Of The Dead. The Land Of The Dead is a bleak, desolate wasteland, in which Lyra and Will travel to save Lyras friend Rodger.
       This trilogy, is without a doubt, one of the best sets of books I have ever read and I urge everyone to read thembefore they watch The Golden Compass.

His Dark Materials by Phillip Pullman was reviewed by Jennifer


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