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Of Human Bondage

by W. Somerset Maugham 

Review of Of Human Bondage by W. Somerset Maugham

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       W. Somerset Maugham's straightforward prose and storyline in "Of Human Bondage" is refreshing and I highly recommend it as a classic read.  The story of Philip Carey from sad childhood into a sometimes hopeful, but often pathetic adulthood is a story that will resonate in some way with many people.  The reader becomes deeply immersed in Philip's life as he doggedly pursues a career as an artist, all while meeting an assortment of interesting, yet not-quite-true-to-him friends, gives up this pursuit, and eventually meets Mildred, his downfall.  The novels depiction of Philip's obsession with Mildred and her complete indifference to him is its heart and soul.  I also found Philip's fall into extreme poverty and his slow climb out of it to be heart-wrenching.

       The ending leaves you wondering (just a little bit) whether Philip will be truly happy and whether he is, in fact, completely over Mildred.  This novel belongs on the list and I recommend reading it.

Of Human Bondage by William Somerset Maugham was reviewed by richard barrow

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       Its been almost a month, having read this book and i have read Life of Pi, Catcher in The Rye and one or two other good books since then, but Maugham has killed me in a sense. I've so badly become addicted to him that living without reading him has become a sin for me. Began and finished his Liza of Lambeth the same day(its a short novel so you can do that). his writing is so simple and yet so charming. I have to finish his all the books, next am planning for A Moon and Six Pence or The Razor's Edge.

       Isay don't misss Maugham, he's quite a marvel. While I was reading OF HUMAN BONDAGE, it was like day and night, I was sort of living with Philip Carey(the main character) or had become him myself, I was so very engrossed in the book. After I finished the book, that was like in five days, I felt so sorry that I had finished it so soon and then sort of went mad about Maugham.  READ IT YOU'LL LIKE IT.

Of Human Bondage by William Somerset Maugham was reviewed by Akshay

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       Amazing book.  One of the best of all time.  The book covers such themes as motherless children, religious pressure, accedamic pressure, faith, travel, art, ethics and values, and most of all love.  It is a beautifully sad story, but one that will make you smile.

Of Human Bondage by William Somerset Maugham was reviewed by Matt

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       I remember when i first picked the book up and I thought it would take about five to six months to read it. The book is about 650 pages and I was very busy at the time so I thought it would take forever to read. Surprisingly, I read the book in less than a month. This is an amazing story that's so real and tragic. 

      It's about Philip Carey, a boy born with a club foot who loses his parents and is brought up by a cold uncle and a weak--if slightly loving aunt. Early on in his life you begin to see unhealthy relationships with other school boys. He lacks confidence and becomes clingy with any boy that shows him any interest. As he gets older his relationships with other boys becomes more strained. Through an odd and hilarious affair with an older woman Philip gains worldly culture and decides to pursue the life of an artist abroad in Germany and Paris and ultimately dreams of going to Spain. As the story progresses and he lives the meager and self effacing life of an artist one of his instructors honestly tells him he has no future in art. Philip is at first mad but then is thankful for the man's honesty and also thankful that he did not waste his life away on something that wasn't truly meant to be. So he moves back to London and studies medicine. During this time he meets Mildred Rogers, a skinny, plain-looking waitress  who he falls madly in love with. Only problem is she is not in love with him. In fact she despises him.  

       I don't want to spoil the rest of the novel by explaining what happens next but it is deep, ironic, sad, and at times infuriating. His obsession with this woman made me feel really sorry for him because throughout this novel you wish that he would find someone to love him.

       Overall this is a classic novel and should've been higher on this list. I give it a 9.5 out of 10. This is a truly great book.

Of Human Bondage by William Somerset Maugham was reviewed by Frank Manner


       Phillip with his club foot can never seem to get it right.  Im surprised to see this book on this list and at the same time appaled that it did not rank higher.  This is in fact my all time favorite book. 

       Of Human Bondage by Somerset Maugham follows the life of Phillip Carey from the time that his mother dies when he is a small child through school and into adulthood.  I just so happened to read this book at the right time in my life where I could relate to poor Phil and all his troubles.  At times you'll love him and at times you'll absolutely hate him.  That's what makes a good book right?

Of Human Bondage by William Somerset Maugham was reviewed by JuneBug


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