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The Bible

Review of The Bible

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      The book was kind of interesting but it it very unclear and misleading it tells you to love everyone but to also not make contact with sinners..... how can you love sinners when its againts the bible to be honest the bible is too complicated and hard to follow. I mean if adam and eve had children they would of had to have had children together which would make almost every person apart of human evolution inbred. Please tell me if im wrong but im confused. And what come first the chicken or the egg.... Who made adam and eve? Scientifically its not possible for god to have made them if he is not also human or remotely human. And if earth was here when dinosaurs were around which has been proven.

The Bible was reviewed by Cheese

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      This could have been a good read...but I felt the book was plagued by plot holes and contradictions.  Does anyone actually know who authored it? I felt that could have been made a whole lot clearer.

The Bible was reviewed by Bookeater

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      The Bible is a  book that many people have read and I believe that everyone is at least aware of.  For me to attempt to write a review of such a work is beyond my intelect and desire.

      As a person who has read the bible from cover to cover I will say this.  Even if you are not religious at all the bible is probably still a must read for everyone.  With the newer modern translations out today you won't have to wade through quite as much tough language, and even if you read it for entertainments sake alone, I think you will find that it's one of the best stories ever told.

The Bible was reviewed by Dave Patron


If you've read The Holy Bible please feel free to add your own review. Any contributions are welcome.

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