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Invisible Man

by Ralph Ellison

Review of Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison

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       While heartbreakingly outlining social and racial injustice from the blatantly divided South to the more "progressive" New York City, this novel has a dreamy, haunting feeling to it. Some of the images are so vivid and unexpected, I was completely blown away (the room with the lightbulbs and the paint factory stand out for me). The main character is also very fascinating (it's been 10 years since I last read it, some details escape me, but I definitely can recommend it as a very unique and beautiful reading experience).

Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison as reviewed by book_nerd

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       I just saw a previous review of this wonderful novel, talking about reading it to small children and how everyone enjoyed it because the "guy was invisible."  I'm going out a limb here and guessing that the author of that review had confused this wonderful story of an unnamed young black man's struggles with cultural intolerance with the very different novel "The Invisible Man" by H G Wells.  If you are interested in this novel, please do not expect a science fiction portrayal of an inventor who renders himself invisible!   This novel is about racial struggles, inequality, and human nature.

Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison as reviewed by SpartanGirl

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       Once when i was in summer vacation i had a summer job and unfortinatly i was baby sitting some children and they told me to read for them an adventure or action story so i picked a child to choose the book and yes he choose he invisible man story so i started reading to the children, when i reached at the end of the story and finished my dutie i took that book with me that day.That book was relly amazing and the type of words and style the writer did was amazing. That story could seem for kids but thats wrong because not only because it has invisible man and stuff its for kids it has much more exited events than that that adults could enjoy i mohammed jihad enjoyed readin it so much.

Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison as reviewed by Aabri jihad Asfour.

NOTE: the above review is of a different book with a similar title by H.G. Wells.


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