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The Trial

by Franz Kafka 

Review of The Trial by Franz Kafka

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       I am only 14 years old and I loved this book. The book sounds completely meaningless when you finish and close it, but you must look deeper. It is very philosophical. It is about burocracy, laws, life. Simply great.

The Trial by Franz Kafka was reviewed by Eni

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       I consider myself moderately well read and I hated this book.  The basic plot as I understood it was:  A man is accused of doing /something/ but the reader is never told what it is.  The poor bastard is put on TRIAL, but we never know what the charges are.

       I do not understand the point of it.  Was it "life is random" or "life has no meaning".  Is it supposed to be a commentary on due process or the importance of the rule of law?  This book is philosophical mumbo-jumbo.

The Trial by Franz Kafka was reviewed by Chris Craft

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       One of my very favourite books of all time. If you like your literature dark, sinister and threatening, then Kafka is your man; the very essence of tortured genious. If you like the Trial, you'll no doubt also like the Castle by the same author. But this is serious, heavyweight stuff that most people simply won't understand. Not for the light-hearted.

The Trial by Franz Kafka was reviewed by Paul B.


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