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Watership Down

by Richard Adams 

Review of Watership Down by Richard Adams

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       read it when i was 10 (im very advanced im 12 and am almost done with moby dick) IT WAS AWSOME i was a little sad for fivel becaouse he is an outcast.... NOT FLUFFY OR CUTE.

Watership Down by Richard Adams was reviewed by jess

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       Watership Down sparked my love of literature. This book draws you in and the final pages always make my cry. You enter the world of Hazel & Fiver as you journey with them. You are on the banks of the river near Efrafa and its not until the best line in the book that you realise you can speak Lapine.
I must dig out my copy again

Watership Down by Richard Adams was reviewed by Nathan

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       What can I say? When I first got this book, I thought 'this is going to be a cute and fluffy story about rabbits'. When I realised it was more than 500 pages long, that caught my interest. I thought 'how much can one man write about rabbits?'. Then I started reading the book.

       This is not a 'cute and fluffy' story in any sense. It is murderous, savage, animal. Rabbit's throats are ripped out and creatures are torn apart. Fiver's premonitions are amazingly disturbing, and so is the story of the Black Rabbit, which sends shivers down your spine.

       Nor is this a 'story about rabbits'. Like Animal Farm, you completely forget that the characters are cute fluffy bunnies. They are people, and symbolise things as well. The implications of rabbit society cast light upon our own human society. Religion is amazingly exploited through the stories of El Ahrairah and the rabbit god Frith. Some of the rabbit language is difficult to get around, but it's not like 'Clockwork Orange', and the writer put footnotes to help with words and concepts that are difficult for humans to understands. After all, we aren't rabbits.

       A brilliant read, and I am glad this is in the top 100.

Watership Down by Richard Adams was reviewed by Mark Geranium

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       Watership Down is a wonderful novel for readers of all ages.  Its the story or Hazel, a rabbit, and friends' adventure to find a new home where they will be safe from humans, predators(elil) and such.  It has subtle (and not so subtle) biblical and pagan undertones from the exodus from a rival warren to the actual religious beliefs of the rabbits themselves.  Or perhaps I'm reading too much into a childrens book about talking rabbits.  Have a read yourself and you be the judge.

Watership Down by Richard Adams was reviewed by Prince Rainbow


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