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American Pie

American Pie by Don McLean

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Best 100 Songs of All Time

       i think this song is really sweet so it was meant to there on the list.

Review posted by: sammie

Best 100 Songs of All Time

       American Pie is a song about the distrust of America in view of their policy with the Vietnamese war.   It's for that that the song is a treasure, not just for the 70's but for all the decades that the United States chooses to enter a war on foreign soil.  That pretty much means every decade since the 70's.  It's a song for American heroes of war and of civilian life heroes as well.  It's about American values, good and bad, American inventions, good and bad and American artists good and bad.  It is ostensibly about the plane crash that took the lives of Buddy Holly, The Big Bopper and Richie Valens. or "The day the music died" (lyrics from the song).  But I think it really is about the day American culture died and changed forever, again for better or worse.  Don McLean, who wrote the song and sang it  doesn't specify.  For sure, it's a song that never dies.

Review posted by: Tigertail

Best 100 Songs of All Time

       Is American Pie good?  Sure.  Is it great?  Maybe.  Is it better than Vincent(also by Don McLean)?  Absolutely NOT!!  I guess the point isnt that American Pie should not be here, its that Vincent should also be near the top.

Review posted by: Rybuse

Best 100 Songs of All Time

       Gotta love it. It's so beautiful. A truly good song is a song that you could hear a thousand times over and not get tierd of it. Thats what I find with this song.

Review posted by: Music Killer

Best 100 Songs of All Time

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