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Let's Get it On

Let's Get it On by Marvin Gaye

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Best 100 Songs of All Time

       Lets Get it On is another extraordinary sensual song by Marvin Gaye.  The song gets you swaying and hoping for a night full of love.  Marvin Gaye has one of those mellow, sexy voices that is hard to ignore.  No matter what you may me doing when you listen to this easy, languid, sexy song, your mind will turn from the task at hand and put you in that dreamy mood ready for lovin.  That's Marvin Gaye.  The song is all about seduction.  That too is Marvin Gaye.  My on my, how I miss him.  Nobody like him has come along since.

Review posted by: Tigertail

Best 100 Songs of All Time

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