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Mr. Tambourine Man

Mr. Tambourine Man by Bob Dylan

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Best 100 Songs of All Time

       Mr. Tambourine Man written and sung by Bob Dylan is the ultimate insomniac song.  It's a song about a person whose not going anywhere and that means not to sleep as well.  It's a song of disassociation from the world at large.  Something like the pied piper, the song wants the tambourine man to lead him out of the life he is in into a magical, mystical world that he knows does not exist..  Just anywhere but where he is at the moment would be good.  Perhaps its a drug song, drugs can certainly take you away, but it could also be about getting away from yourself and your thoughts.  The Byrds sang it later very successfully with a different rhythm than Dylan's.  It worked too.  Good song.  I prefer the Dylan version.

Review posted by: Tigertail

Best 100 Songs of All Time

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