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Tears in Heaven

Tears in Heaven by Eric Clapton

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Best 100 Songs of All Time

       this song is so symphatic and sad.

Review posted by: sammie

Best 100 Songs of All Time

       Such a sad song.  I think its about his boy dyin or somtin like that.  I remember seing when clapton played it unplugged on mtv a lot of years ago and it was really beautiful, and really sad.

Review posted by: o$caRrRsGGrl

Best 100 Songs of All Time

       I would say that "Tears in Heaven" isn't my all-time Eric Clapton favorite, Layla may be that one.  It's hard to pick from so many of the Great One's songs.  "Tears in Heaven," however., may be his most poignant song as he wrote it upon the death of his young son, Conor, who fell to his death from an open apartment window when Eric wasn't living with him and his mother.  The song mourns him, yes, but in an upbeat rather than maudlin way.  This is not a dirge but a paean to his beloved son from a father trying his best to live without him.

Review posted by: Misha

Best 100 Songs of All Time

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