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We Will Rock You/We Are the Champions

We Will Rock You/We Are the Champions by Queen

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Best 100 Songs of All Time

       We Will Rock You/We are the Champions by Queen fills the listener with a surge of adrenaline and the feeling that one can do anything one sets out to do.  The We Will Rock You part does exactly that, rocks you.  This is a fantastic song to use for opening football games as is so often done during openings and throughout the games.  It's an affirmation of success for everyone within hearing distance.  As for the part We are the Champions.  is their any doubt in your mind when you hear this song that you are, indeed a champion?  I think not.  Great uplifting stuff from a band whose lead singer,  Freddie Mercury flamed out way to early.

Review posted by: Misha

Best 100 Songs of All Time

Review We Will Rock You/We Are the Champions by Queen

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